How A Landscaper Can Help You This Summer

We are finally in the full throws of summer here in Arizona. Whether you are planning to spend your summer vacationing or by the pool, having a beautiful yard to come home to / spend time in can only elevate the fun this season. See the aesthetic and functional reason your should hire a landscaper…

Herbs Easy To Grow In The Summer

Herbs Easy To Grow In The Summer

Different plants require different attention – and this follows suit with herbs as well. Being in the desert, it is important to account for the heat when you decide to plant an herb garden, so we comprised a list of the 4 best growing herbs easy to grow in the Arizona heat!

Prepare Your Lawn For Summer

How To Prepare Your Lawn For Summer

There is nothing quite like summer in Arizona. With the temperatures soaring far over 100 degrees, it’s important for home owners to take into consideration how there plants will do in the heat. To save your lawn from the scorching temps, here are 3 tips to prepare your lawn for the summer.