Bad Blood In The Garden

As it turns out, shockingly, not all plants that you put next together are going to get along. In fact, some plants actually hinder their neighbors ability to thrive and stunt their growth. Here’s a list of buds that won’t work out for the best next to each other:

Keep Soil Fresh

3 Expert Tips To Keep Soil Fresh

When you think of the word “fresh,” soil probably isn’t the first thing that comes to mind. But even your garden’s soil needs a refresher now and then. Years of supporting the same plants can leave it in severe need of certain key components to plant health. Here are 3 tips to keep soil fresh:…


Gardening Trend: Succulents

It seems like online, the new design craze focuses around these little spiked plants called succulents. More and more often now, you see people incorporating these plants into both the gardening aspects of the interior and exterior decor of your home. But what are these little plants, and even more so, why are they so…

Flowers That Thrive In AZ

Flowers That Thrive In AZ

With our harsh desert heat and ever changing temperatures here in Arizona, it can be hard for gardeners to manager their plants successfully. Many plants don’t possess the ability to thrive in our warm climate. But with spring right around the corner, we’re ecstatic that soon, florals will once again blooming all over the valley.…