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What Is Backflow?

Backflow prevention is an essential and often mandatory process that ensures the clean water flowing in from municipal water lines does not become contaminated with dirty water. All commercial properties are required to have a backflow prevention device installed at each cross-connection point in their plumbing system. However, an annual inspection these devices makes sure they are operating correctly.

ABC Scapes has been providing backflow testing for commercial properties in Phoenix for years. Our experience allows us to see systems that are working properly as well as systems that need repair. Therefore we know exactly what to look for.

What Causes Backflow?

Sometimes, when there is a unexpecting change in water pressure, dirty water can flow into the clean water being pumped into the plumbing system. This dirty water can be contaminated with hazardous chemicals, fertilizers, feces, and other unhealthy and unsafe elements. Typically, there are backflow preventers built into the plumbing system to prevent this type of contamination. However, with a sudden change of pressure, even these prevention valves can fail.

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    Backflow Testing

    • Experience

    Because ABC Scapes involves themselves in both the installation of irrigation systems and the maintenance of backflow valves, our experience allows us to quickly identify and fix any issues that may be occurring. We have a solid understanding of common problems that arise with backflow contamination so we can isolate and fix the issue.

    • Certification

    In addition, our team of certified backflow preventers can perform annual backflow testing, and can handle necessary paperwork. We’re also familiar with how to work with your city or state water authorities to ensure your fresh water flows without interruption.

    • Fast Response

    Finally, ABC Scapes is quick to respond and dependable. If you are not able to complete your annual backflow services in time, the fresh water supply can be cut-off until you have an inspection. ABC Scapes will respond right away when you’re in need of a fast solution.

    Backflow Prevention

    When a plumbing system for a commercial property is designed and built, it includes a set of check valves that work to prevent dirty water from flowing back into the clean water. Even with the best equipment in place, it’s still very important to check backflow valves every so often to ensure they are working properly. Therefore if left unchecked, these valves might fail in the event of a change in water pressure allowing the clean water to become contaminated. In most states, an annual inspection of these valves is required.

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